Extreme Brightness TV – Dynamic Photos – Smart Cameras

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21 januari 2012 00:03

To start with the TV. Like the race for the most accurate photograph in the 19th century. There could be a similar race for the most physically accurate image representation on flat screens. You could get a stunning image on the TV-screen if you could recreate local extreme brightness. Similar to that our eyes perceive looking at the real world. LED’s are getting more and more powerful. The brightness you get from looking at LED’s directly is what I mean by extreme brightness. The human color width is about 24bit. With 32bit graphics you could perhaps use the abundant bits for extreme color brightness. Then your TV or any other screen would look alive. Imagine the sun hitting the ocean waves creating sparkles. I imagine future screens will be flexible. Maybe even come in tubes like posters. Then if they could be made really large you could get direct lightning in the cinema instead of a projector. Then because it is essentially a TV-screen one could see the World Championship Hockey final at the movies together with a cheering crowd. Maybe even the Eurovision Song Contest with a nice sound quality.

I envision the Short Videos Photos or Dynamic Photos will be a mix of a static photo and a short video. When you tap the screen the short video will start. Videos around 30s should not take so much space on the camera and be much more interesting than static images. Thirty seconds up to a minute is enough to say your name or make a short presentation of what is happening in the photo. With a Smart Camera you could make such an app and keep it up to date as the open standard develops.

On my Smart Camera I would also like to connect a USB wireless keyboard and mouse to be able to run a photo editor on my TV.

These are just some of my ideas I would like to see some time.

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